Reference Checks

Character Reference

At Trapezoid Limited we conduct reference checks to ensure that subject is in good standing. Our report will indicate the referee’s opinion about the character of the subject.

Guarantor Reference

A guarantor is a legal entity i.e. a person or corporation, that makes or gives a promise, assurance, or pledge typically relating to quality, durability, or performance of obligations in a certain agreement. This is necessary to minimize risk in staff recruitment, hence, a need arise for a guarantor in case of breach in employment agreement.
Trapezoid Limited verifies if the guarantor stated by the subject actually exists and our report will indicate the guarantor’s opinion about the character of the subject.

Data Requirement

For reference checks, we will require the following:
Referee/Guarantor’s Name
Referee/Guarantor’s Address
Referee/Guarantor’s e-mail address and Phone Number